Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Teach

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook. It seems that one of my former second graders just got a job coaching a JV Volleyball team. I was very proud of her. AND I told her. Right away I messaged her, telling how proud I was of the adult she was becoming!  

From that post, she invited me to come watch her coach a game and I accepted the invitation. She gave me dates of her games. We looked over our busy schedule. We finally settled on going to a game. 

Last night we traveled to Butler, to a gym full of fans and players. We saw them  practicing and doing drills when we got there. We found seats in the center of the bleachers.  We watched as the coach tossed balls to her team and then got them settled into being ready to play.  She was focused on her team. She didn't sit on the bench much the whole night.  She paced. She tossed out comments. She gathered her girls around her. Yes, she was focused. 

Her team won, which was exciting. But more than that, I loved seeing her become the responsible young lady I always knew she would become. And, for this retired teacher, it makes me proud to know I had a little part in making her who she is today!!  Love you, Paige!  

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