Thursday, October 3, 2013

Author Visit: Tess Gerritsen

On Tuesday night my friend, Sandie, and I traveled to Angola to their library. The purpose of our trip was to see an author that we had come to love.  We had read one of her books for our Book Club and decided we needed to hear her in person.

This was not a normal publishers way of getting more of her books sold. This was a "love-of-libraries" book tour that she just does. She says that libraries are not getting the funding they need. They are getting to be not as popular as they once were due to the online reading. So, she decided if she could get a few libraries to go together and host her, she would visit.  Thus, the trip to northern Indiana.  She picked a great time because Indiana in the fall is the best!

My favorite book of hers and the one we read for our book club, was The Bone Garden. It is a historical fiction. Actually, she said it was one of her favorite, too, even though it is not one of the better sellers.  It takes place in Boston both in present day and in 1930. Oliver Wendell Holmes is a main character. Due to the fact that Tess is also a doctor, this book showed her interest in that part of her life.
Many people know her as the author of the Rizzoli and Isles books. They are now a series on TNT and very popular. She told us how she came to develop these characters and how actually, Rizzoli was not supposed to live past her first appearance. But, Tess just couldn't kill her off! She also told us how she reads newspapers to get ideas for her books.

Sandie and I were so excited to get her to sign our books and have our pictures taken with her, too.  We are big Tess Gerritsen fans now!

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