Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Celebration: First Day of Story Time

Story Time is something our local library has for the very young "readers".  When my grandson, Graham, was two years old we registered him for Story Time.  We were amazed at how he grew from a toddler to a youngster who enjoyed listening to books and making crafts.  We wanted to do the same for his sister, Kaelyn, so we enrolled both of them in Story Time this year.  Since Kaelyn just turned two in August, she was able to go along with her brother!
They each got a rug square to sit on as they listened to the stories. Kaelyn had a great time greeting many of her new friends.  She would walk up to them and wave and say, "Hi!  Hi! Hi!"  I think her new friends were a little overwhelmed with her friendliness.

For the craft time, they traced their hands. Well, they had a lot of help with that. Then pasted the word hello in many languages all over the hand. Last of all, they pasted a stick on the back. Now they had a portable hand for saying hello.  I think Kaelyn will get a lot of use out of this craft!
Before they left the library grounds, they had to visit the big fountain in the courtyard. We walked around it and admired all the lovely flowers, the sounds of birds and wonderful fall day!  Watching children begin their literary lives is a great celebration!  So thankful I can be part of watching them become readers!


  1. You are so lucky to be able to watch and nurture your grandchildren's literate life. What fun for them and you.

  2. What a sweet time with your grandchildren! "Watching children begin their literary lives is a great celebration" - indeed!! I love when you said Kaelyn's new friends were a little overwhelmed with her friendliness. ;-) She sounds adorable!

  3. Siblings on a literary journey together is a special experience. I saw my first two daughter growing up as readers together and they have continued reading, talking and sharing books ever since they were toddlers.