Monday, December 8, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: A Step Back in Time:

Our home is fifteen years old. We knew this day would come, but not at this time of year. The issue: a new dishwasher!

The week before Thanksgiving, we realized our old dishwasher, which we purchased when we built our house, was not doing the job it used to do.  We made the trip to a local store and after much deliberation, we purchased a new, top of the line, dishwasher! How exciting! It was to be delivered the day before Thanksgiving. We were hosting the big meal for my sister and her husband and my son and his family.  We NEEDED that dishwasher!

As promised, the installer came early on Wednesday morning and spent an hour hooking it up. Then he loaded the old one and took off. We loaded the machine and noise!  It did an amazing job. We were so happy.

Thanksgiving came and went with the usual joys of the season. Lots of food, great conversation and fun with two of the grandchildren. The dishwasher did its job and we felt the day was a success.

Fast forward to the following week. On Saturday morning, after a long walk with our dog, we came home to start a nice big breakfast. I checked the dishwasher, since I had done a load the night before. I wanted to unload it before I began cooking. What a shock when I saw the soap was still in the little container on the washer door. We tried all kinds of things to get it to work. Nothing!

Finally, we called the repair service of the store where we had purchased the washer. We were thrilled that they would come on Monday morning to repair it. Yes, we had a weekend of doing dishes by hand. We actually kind of enjoyed it.

On Monday, the service man came. He checked a few things and then gave us the news! The computer in the machine was not working. He ordered the part which will come this week in the mail. Then next Saturday he will come back and install it.

We are back to doing dishes by hand. I'm thinking of giving in to going out to eat all week. Then I started thinking of all the times I washed dishes by hand over the years. I remember fighting with my sister about who would wash and who would dry. I remember doing dishes as my son sat in the kitchen doing homework. I guess it is time to make more memories!

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