Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Slice of Life Tuesday: Bam and Graham Playdate

Today was the day we had been looking forward to for months. It was not just a Gramma Playdate, it was a Bam/Graham Playdate!  I went to their preschool and picked them up to come to my house.
They colored pictures. There were a pile of them that I had printed from the computer. Things I thought they would like. They went through the pile and each of them picked something they liked.  Bam had horses and Graham had a fast car. They could use crayons or colored pencils. I put the pictures on clipboards and they went to town coloring up a storm.
Next they went to a pile of books that I had made for them. Again, I chose things that I thought they would like.  All non fiction!  Farm books with horses. Books about policemen. Lots of animal books. They looked at pictures and even started to read a few of them.
These boys are masters of legos. They had the track set up just right. Then they began constructing a boat to float on the water or go under like a submarine. They were very proud of that.

You can't come to Gramma's house and not make cookies. After I put them in the oven and they cooled, they told me what frosting to use for each cookie. Then it was their turn. They each had 10 cookies to decorate. The various sprinkles were in bottles or bowls in front of them. They took their time and did a great job.   After tasting one cookie each, the rest were put in containers for them to take home for their families.
This is a close up picture of the Lego boat. Other things we did today were: paint the garage floor with water from small individual buckets, play board games, and last of all share the iPad for some Angry Bird time.

I don't know who has the most fun...Bam and Graham or Gramma!


  1. What an awesome day! I want to come to Gramma's house, too!! Love the Lego creations…my boys loved these. And it is awesome that you always bake cookies - what memories!!

  2. Grandkids and retirement are a great combo!