Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Slice of Life Day 2: Time With the Grands

 My life has had many slices that include the grand children. Having a dozen, we seem to be always doing something with someone. Taking care of grand children can be a challenge, especially when they are five and three. Usually, they play together fine, but once in a while its a disaster.  Here's how it went today:

The big container holding all the Legos was pulled from the closet. Graham, five years old, had a project in mind. He got the bag of tires out and began sorting them. Kaelyn, three years old, started hunting for small cars. It all went smoothly for a short time. 

Kaelyn found some cars and thought she needed more, so she began looking in the container again. Graham was not too happy about that. He kept taking whatever she took out. So, to try to deflect a fight, I told Kaelyn to put the Lego road together. Graham jumped up and started working on the road. Right away Kaelyn began to scream. 


My first move was to get Kaelyn quiet. She is a real screamer! The rule is: You scream; you get a Time Out in the bedroom.  My threat worked and she just sniffled with hurt feelings. Next, I told Graham to go back to sorting the tires. He pouted but went back to his original project.  Now, it seemed Kaelyn was more interested in finding Legos with numerals. She decided she'd take the ones with a 3 on them home with her. (Since she is three). She searched the tub for more.

Graham was now ready to build a road to race his cars. When it was put together, he told Kaelyn, "Now we can race our cars." She was already off on a project of putting cards from the Sorry game into piles. So Graham worked alone.

Right now peace is in the house. Another major issue solved. It might be a long day!

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