Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Running, Training and Winter

Thinking ahead to the running season, it is hard to imagine training in this kind of weather.This winter has not been easy on anyone, including runners.

This is what our neighborhood looked like most of January and February. It was scary to go out and walk on roads so snow covered you couldn't tell there was ice under it all. Then add to that the below zero temperature with -40 degree wind chill. There is no way I am even thinking about running with that. So, what do I do?
Well, we had plenty of opportunity to  shovel snow. On the first morning that we went out, took the shovels and hit the driveway and sidewalks. It was fun! We then went looking for neighbors to help out. We did their drives, too. However, after several days of this, it wasn't fun any more.

When the snow became taller and taller as it stacked up, we got out the snow blower.  DD would do the drive and I would follow him cleaning it completely. We did both sidewalks on each side of our property and the walk to the house, too. When my Avon Lady delivered my order and told me we had the best driveway in the whole city, that made my day!

We are ready for the winter to be over, just like everyone else. We are ready for the  running season to begin!

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