Sunday, February 23, 2014

Writing Challenge for March

On Saturday, I will be starting the writing challenge given by the blog: Two Writing Teachers. I have done this challenge in the past and actually completed it last year.  The idea is to post a blog every day in the month of March. That doesn't sound too difficult, but I find it challenging.  I have not been blogging this year as much as in the past. I think this will be the challenge I need to get me on track again. I miss it!

The most difficult part of the writing is to find a topic to write about. The title: A Slice of Life, from the challenging blog, gives the idea of writing about what is happening in your life. A sort of slice of what is going on in your day. Something that stands out and makes your day special. Kind of a small moment in time.

I have thought about writing about my journey to get ready for the running season. What I do each day to prepare for those long running days. However, due to the icy roads, low temperatures and heavy snow, I don't have much to write about in that area.

I have thought about sharing some of my photography and writing about that. I have taken many walks around the neighborhood and looked at things with a different lens. I have enjoyed the pictures and would love to share them. I also have pictures from the trips we have taken in my first couple years of retirement. That is a possibility.

I have thought about sharing some of the things I am doing in classrooms around the area. I am not visiting rooms as much as I did last year. This is partly due to the weather again. Looking at my March calendar, I do have a couple classrooms that I will be visiting, so that, too, might be a possibility.

There is always the opportunity to write about small moments in my daily life. Being retired does not bring a schedule of daily things and it might be interesting to see where that lead takes me.

Whatever I do, I will be writing. So, if you find the interest or time, check in on my page and see where this leads me. Also, you might want to check out the blog two writing teachers and see what else is happening. OR, you might want to take up the challenge and start a blog and write, too! 

Watch for this logo on my site!

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