Saturday, January 3, 2015

Celebration Saturday: Facing the New Year

Starting off the new year sometimes brings resolutions to make changes in life. As I was thinking on that subject lately, I decided I wanted to work on four major areas to focus on becoming a well-rounded individual.  Now that I am retired, I have more time for projects like that.  Here are the four areas: HEALTH: Fitness and Nutrition; SOCIAL: Friends and Family; MENTAL: Challenges and Brain Power; SPIRITUAL: Prayer and Bible Study.

My workout routines as well as preparing for future races will be the focus of the fitness area. Watching what I eat including the cutting back on sweets, comes with the nutrition area. Sweets like candy, cake and cookies are my weakness!

Spending time with friends is so important to all round health. I love my lunch dates, book club and special outings with friends. Having Gramma Play dates, lunch outings and Day Away for the parents give me that perk I need to get through the tough winter days! Visiting relatives in other cities and states is high on my list, too.

Working in several classrooms with top-notch teachers, gives me challenges to keep aware of the new practices in education as well as staying in tune with the old ones. I also need to go back to working on my brain training exercises to stay mentally sharp.

Having a wonderful church family helps to keep me spiritually alive. I will be working on my Bible reading time and making it more meaningful in my daily life. Prayer time is something I can never do without. It is what keeps me grounded and totally in touch with the God I serve.

There, you have it: my plan for the new year. Hopefully, as the year progresses I will be sharing in my blog about things I am doing in all areas to become a well-rounded individual!

What are your plans?


  1. The four areas are important, I agree. Best wishes in all of them this year!

  2. Kathleen, I see that you have a wonderful focus for 2015. As for the spiritual aspect, ou could join our Spiritual Journey Thursday blogging group under the leadership of Holly Mueller. Here is my link that will get you to the site. I am on Twitter as @cvarsalona. Let's connect.