Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Joy of Each Day

I have been writing about the options I have when I retire at the end of this year.  After teaching for 43 years, it is not an easy task to think about what to do differently or what to do at all.  That is why I thought just writing about my thoughts might help to solve this problem.

Today was one of those picture perfect days with the sun shining and the sky a beautiful blue.  Being in January instead of June brought its complications, but it also brought its advantages.  I bundled up to face the sunny, but cold 35 degree weather.  It was a day just made to walk my dog, Dave, a two-year-old golden retriever.

Not only did Dave and I have a great walk, we had three great walks.  Our first one was early this morning at 6:30.  Since it was Sunday, there were no cars, people or other animals out and about to distract us from our mission.  That mission was to walk around the neighborhood for a two mile walk.  Dave was mostly off lease, so he ran free checking out the smells and looking for new liter added to the streets.  It was cold, but not windy, so it was an enjoyable walk.

Later at about 1:00, we took another walk.  This one was in the sun and there were people, cars and even a few animals.  Dave was still off lease but not as often.  He ran to some kids playing in their driveway.  He got into "heel" position when a car would drive by and he had to get on lease when there was some animal tempting him to act like a dog.  This time I didn't have to dress in quite as many layers.  It was warmer.

Our last walk of the day was at 4:30.  It was getting cooler again.  But we still enjoyed our last chance to be outside.  The sun was beginning to set and dusk was upon us.  Still, we enjoyed the time to just walk and see the neighborhood close down for the night.

The reason I wanted to include this observation in my What Next reports is because as I look forward to what is next for me after the life of a teacher/coach, I realize I need to keep focused on what I have today also.  Each day brings it's own blessings and joys.  I don't want to get so absorbed in the future that I forget to enjoy today! 

I think that is what Dave and I did today!

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