Thursday, January 5, 2012

Option # Two

Another option that was suggested to me was to move to NYC.  Okay, not just to visit or even just live there, but to actually work in NYC.  The suggestion was made to me when I asked advise from one of my consultant/author friends.  He said I should go to New York and work for Teachers College at Columbia University as a staff developer.  It really is similar to what I am doing now.

I gave him all sorts of reasons why I couldn't do that: my husband has a career too, I have Dave, my dog to think about, I have a home that I love here in Indiana.  He proceeded to disspell all of those reasons.  It began to sound more and more inviting.  When I asked my husband about moving he said, "If that is where you are going to be, I will go too."  Not exactly excited about the option, but willing to try.  What a guy!

Actually, for a few days we really did consider that choice.  We looked online for apartments.  We talked about how he could do his work from the Big Apple.  We looked for apartments that would take dogs and be near a park.  How exciting to be on the ground floor of all the new thinking that Lucy Calkins and her group do.

Then reality hit.  Did I really want to live in a small apartment so far from the grandkids?  Did I really want to get up early in the morning and travel across the city on the subway?  Is that what retirement really meant for me?

It was fun to dream...but I don't think I will be shopping in delis, live in a tiny apartment, and walked Dave in Central Park!

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