Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Option # One

One of the possible option is to work as a consultant for other school districts.  When I told some of my friends from the All Write Consortium that I was planning to retire in another year, they immediately wanted to sign up to "buy" some of my days.  By doing that, I would agree to work for them for a set amount of days for a set amount of money.

Sounds pretty good, right?  Well, maybe.  First of all, I have some conditions.  I do NOT want to drive in the horrible winter weather any more.  Second, I only want to do things that interest me.  I do NOT want to substitute teach.  I would like to help other districts with curriculum and data.  That does interest me. 

So, that is one of the choices I have.  I could do that for just a few days and even work from home on some projects.  I have not ruled this option out.  I have not really advertised doing it either.  Not sure I want to do it for many, many days.  But it might be interersting and fun to work with other districts and see what is happening out there in the education world.

Just one option.

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