Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Training Time

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Saturdays in the summer are training days for me.  This is the day that my husband and I set aside time to do our big training run.  A few weeks ago we did our first race of the year.  It was 6.2 miles or 10K. We have run that race for 20+ years in Atlanta on the 4th of July with 60,000 runners! The race starts at Lennox Square and goes to Piedmont Park. One of the miles on the race is the actual mile that the Olympic runners ran when the Olympics were in Atlanta. The race is fun with many bands and other musical groups encouraging the runners with their music. That is the kick off of our summer running.
Before the race this year.
Today my celebration is running the training run this morning. At the beginning of the summer, we started off our training by running two miles in our neighborhood. When we felt good at that pace and could run the whole thing we jumped it up to four miles and ventured out of the neighborhood onto other city streets. Last week we did that four miles with no walking and felt great. So, today we decided to add another miles to our run.  We drove the route to be sure we had the mileage correct and then started off.  It was hot, but we had set out water, so we were fine. We made the whole five miles, but had to walk up a hill, so we will continue to do this course until we are ready to add another mile.
Last year's Fort 4 Fitness 4-miler
Our ultimate goal is to run the Fort 4 Fitness race in September. This year we are signed up to do the 10k (6.2 miles). Last year we did our first Fort 4 Fitness race with the 4-mile run. This year we feel we are ready to take on the longer challenge. If we continue our training as we have planned, it will be a successful run.  I am celebrating our run today and having the best running partner ever!

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