Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebration Saturday: Pool Date

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The weather has been very cool for July here in northern Indiana. Due to that issue, we have been postponing our pool date for several weeks. Yesterday turned out to be the perfect time for using the pool to stay warm!
Angie and the girls, Audrey 6 and Mallory 3, came up for a nice lunch and a swim. Gramma made sandwiches for the girls and Grandpa brought lunch for the adults! We ate and then got ready to swim!
Audrey had lots of races with everyone. Here she is racing against her mother! She usually won, even though she would hold you back just so she could get a good start on the second lap of the pool.
Mallory had fun swimming, too. She got tired of playing Marco Polo and just wanted to spend time perfecting her swimming skills!
Audrey had fun wearing some goggles she found in the pool toy bag. We finally got them to work and fit her.  I don't think she ever actually wore them in the water, but they made a good photo op!
Mallory must have gotten worn out with all the swimming. She crashed and took a nap before heading for home! We had a great day and the weather even stayed warm enough to enjoy the pool.  We are already planning our next Pool Date!


  1. Precious! Just Precious, these are the perfect minutes to hold close!

  2. We've been trying to schedule a swim date was going to be today and it's raining. Oh, well. Glad you got to enjoy the day. Looks like a good time-thanks for sharing the cute pics.

  3. That pool looks enticing! It hasn't been great pool weather, but it has been a fairly pleasant summer weather-wise (other than the tornadoes). How fun to see everyone enjoying the pool for different reasons!

  4. Ah, a glimpse into the life of a northern Indiana retired school teacher! How nice to have the kids come up for a visit. Loved the photo of the little one sleeping.

  5. Next week sounds like it might be perfect swimming weather. Maybe another date? How lucky you are to get to enjoy your grand kids!