Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Daily Walk

Every day I take Dave for a morning walk around the neighborhood. This is our little Slice of Life. We try to go early on days that will be especially hot and we go later on cool days. Today was a cool day, but I put on a hoodie and we started out around 9:00.  Here is a snapshot of our usual walk.
Our first stop was on the corner where these lovely flowers are growing. I don't know what kind they are, but they are beautiful right now.  Dave thought he should check them out and smell them.
Our next stop was at the end of a street where there is a big field. They just cut the wheat that was planted there and Dave likes to do some sniffing there, too.  We have seen a black squirrel in one of the nearby trees and there are always some rabbits for Dave to try to chase.
As we turn and go east on the street we come to an area that has lots of vacant lots and houses in the process of being built. Dave likes to find sticks or pieces of lumber in this area. Sometimes he brings them home with him.
Every week our local paper puts out a paper full of ads.  This is for the people who not subscribe to the local paper. After a couple days of seeing that paper just sitting on the driveway, he decides it is time to clean up the neighborhood. He grabs that paper and takes it home to put it in the recycling.  He is such a good neighbor dog.

We love our morning walks and enjoy the time outside and time spent together.  What are some of your daily rituals?


  1. I really enjoyed taking your morning walk with you! I also wrote about one of my summer time rituals (http://missskopec.blogspot.com/2014/07/slice-of-life-my-happy-place.html), that will unfortunately not be possible once the school year begins. I enjoy making coffee first thing in the morning and then sitting on the back porch with my two dogs and cat, reading for hours and just enjoying the peaceful quiet.

  2. Thanks for taking me on your walk with Dave. He's a handsome dog and such a great recycler. Max and I take a walk most mornings and find lots of stuff to smell and see.