Monday, June 30, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Arena Dinner Theatre

A few weeks ago, my husband handed me a section from our local paper. In the section was an article about the Fort Wayne Arena Dinner Theatre.  The article was in our paper because one of the actors in the play was from here. Actually, she was from our own neighborhood. We had never been to this theatre and decided this was a perfect time to try in out.
The building that housed the theatre was originally the Fort Wayne Art School which was designed by the architect firm of Wing & Mahurin and built in 1920's. Arena has been in the West Central Neighborhood for eighteen years. It was transformed into an intimate dinner theater when the dinner theatre moved there.
The play we were to see was "Company" with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by George Furth. The director was Christopher J. Murphy. The story starts with a man sitting alone on his 35th birthday. He is struggling with the notions of love and commitment. That plays out in various vignettes. Robert, the main character, was a confirmed bachelor whose friends were all getting married. The lives of these friends is shown within the scenes. Is marriage really for Robert, or was he better off single? The hilarious jokes and thrilling songs depict the story.
We were thrilled to be able to watch our neighbor and friend as she sang, danced and acted throughout the show. I was also thrilled to find out that another friend and fellow teacher was also a main character in the play. Both of these women did an outstanding job!
We were hooked from the beginning, which was a delightful dinner served before the show. We met some interesting people at our table. One couple was season ticket holders. They became the experts in what was happening that night. Another young couple was celebrating the wife's birthday. What an enjoyable night.
If you live near Fort Wayne, be sure to check out the Arena Dinner Theatre's website: Who knows, maybe we will be sitting at a table next to you at one of the productions!


  1. Sounds like a great evening. I am looking forward to a dinner theater night later this month. A group of girlfriends goes every summer. We will be seeing "The Church Basement Ladies"- it is a series, so we will revisit familiar characters and storylines. The show is lighthearted, but always has a message, too.

  2. What fun! Sounds like this will be a repeat evening out in your future.

  3. What a lovely time was had! And great company, too!

  4. What an honor to make your blog!!!! I'm so glad you loved Arena- it is my favorite theater in town! Even more glad you loved the show. We were SO SAD to have it be over. So much fun!!!!