Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: It's Summer!

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 It is summer and that means it is time to spend more time with the grand kids. Here are just a few of the things we have done already!
Our youngest grandkids all together!
Last weekend we got to see all of the kids at several events. We had a birthday party for Audrey, a dance recital for Meron and Shelby, and our oldest grandson, Ty graduated from high school. Besides that, in previous weeks we had Audrey's and Mallory's preschool celebration and Graham and Kaelyn got to  have a swim date at our house.

Audrey graduated from preschool and is now ready to head to kindergarten. She is ready to spend a whole day at school. We are so proud of her for her first graduation and we are looking forward to many more. Mallory celebrated the end of year preschool. She loved learning with all her preschool friends. We loved watching her in the program. She is always so much fun to watch!

Graham and Kaelyn spent a Sunday afternoon at the pool while Mom and Dad took a trip. We had fun watching them play and play in the water. Graham got so he could swim with his new "swimmies" and Kaelyn loved riding her duck.

It was such a wonderful Saturday celebrating Audrey's 6th birthday! We got her an outfit with a cap to match (plus a toy, too). The weather was perfect and watching her blow out her candles was very special! Happy Birthday, Audrey!


  1. Your summer days will be filled with joy! What fun to be near your grandkids and be a part of their lives. I'm seriously jealous. My son is in California, so far away from me.

  2. Wow! Busy and fun! I love the pictures with those smiling faces. You are blessed to be able to spend time with them.