Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Everyone's a Hero

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A few weeks ago, my husband and I were taking our nightly two-mile walk around the neighborhood. People were outside doing the normal things people do in the summer: mowing lawns, washing cars, and watching their children play. It was a perfect evening...not too hot, nice breeze and the calm chatter of children.

As we proceeded north walking in the road so the small children could ride their bikes, push their wagons, or just skip along. We noticed one family all out in front with the children busy on new bikes. One small boy, about six or seven years old, was a pro with his bike riding. Coming along behind him was his little sister. She was just a beginner with a very small bike. She had on her flip-flops and was trying as best she could to keep up with him.

All of a sudden, one of her flip-flops fell off. Her bike stopped and she began to yell at her big brother. "Wait! My shoe fell off!" she screamed at him.  We continued to walk getting closer to them. The brother was not the least bit concerned about the state of his little sister. He continued riding on ahead of her.

She continued to scream, as only a little sister can do!  "I lost my shoe!  I lost my shoe!" Still the brother ignored her.

"Get my shoe for me!" She yelled at him.  Seeing the predicament, I calmly walked over to the little girl, picked up the tiny flip-flop and handed it to the girl.  She looked at me solemnly, and quietly said, "Thank you."

I smiled and said, "You're welcome!"  The little girl put on her shoe, turned her bike around and saw her grandmother watching her.  She looked at her grandmother and said, "That lady helped me with my shoe." Then she rode back toward her house.

End of story? Well, not quite.  Now every time we take our walk and that little girl is outside playing, she will look over at me and say, "You're the lady that gave me my shoe, aren't you?"  I smile and say, "Yes, I am."

My husband smiles and says, "You are her hero!"
I guess everyone can be a hero to someone! Today, I am celebrating the heroes in my life!

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  1. Such a fun little story. I am sure you are the hero in a lot of lives. Have a great week!