Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: June Flowers

One of the things I love about retirement is my flowers. I always had them when I worked but for the first few weeks it was hard to get them watered before I headed out to school. Then it was even more difficult when I went back to work in the fall and the flowers were still beautiful!  But now, I can spend as much time as I want any time I want.
So, let's take a tour!
We will start out front with the blue sage. This year it is really blooming! You have to be careful of the bumble bees who also like it, but it has a wonderful fragrance when you walk up to our front door.
Next are these pansies. I have two pots of them. This one sits on the patio table. The colors are so bright and they just make you smile. A nice addition to the backyard.
The begonias were also a new addition. I love the way they look on the wall of our patio. The bright yellow color is ready to welcome you when you go from the house to the patio.
The roses that are along the south wall are my favorites. We moved them last year and were afraid they wouldn't make the move. But they are back in full force this year. The Chicago Peace rose did not come back at all after the move last summer. This year it is ready to bud out with about three or four flowers!

 As we head out the side gate we take one last look at the yellow roses nodding to us in the wind. I love my time of watering, weeding, fertilizing and just spending time in my flower garden!


  1. These photos are so gorgeous! How wonderful you're able to spend all the time you want on them. Our town has a garden tour each year in June, and I love to see all the beautiful gardens people create and maintain. It is a joyful art!

  2. OH how lovely….. I'm looking at retiring in 5 years and also love flowers, I look forward to spending as much time as I want in the garden. Love the sage!

  3. Beautiful photos! Loved getting a glimpse of your garden.