Friday, June 13, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Colonoscopy

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Yes, you read the title right.  It does say celebration and colonoscopy in the same phrase. Today I am celebrating the colonoscopy I had yesterday. What is a colonoscopy? It is a procedure in which the doctor uses a lighted, flexible scope with a telescopic lens to look directly at the lining of your colon.

I am celebrating  mine because I had great news after it was over. I don't have to go back for another one for five years. That is very unusual for me. I have had polyps, some precancerous, in the past. This time I was clean. A polyp is a growth that is attached to the inside of the colon. I started having this procedure about 12 years ago. I did this because one of my best friends had found she had colon cancer. After that I decided I needed to have it done. She encouraged me to do it. She fought her battle with strength that was unbelievable. She was always positive and would always say: "God is good, all the time!" Her battle ended eleven years later. She is the strongest person I know. So, I am celebrating her today. Because of her, I have a clean colon!
I am also celebrating Parkview Regional Medical Center for the wonderful care they gave me today. The doctor I went to was new to me and therefore it was scary. The nurses and other workers were friendly and so nice. Jill was the nurse who hooked me up to the IV and got me settled. Her smile and attitude was so reassuring. Then Jason came to take me into the room where the procedure happened. He said his main job was to get me to smile and boy, could he do that! Marilyn was the nurse that was with me through the procedure. Even though I only saw her for a minute before she gave me the stuff so I could "sleep", she also made me feel safe.

When I came out of my deep sleep, my husband told me..."You don't have to do this again for five years. There were NO polyps!"  I was thrilled.

So, because of Jean and Parkview Health, I am celebrating!

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  1. That's great news! The prep before the procedure is the worst part. You do have reasons to celebrate!