Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Labor Day Weekend in Auburn

I love my hometown every day, but especially during the Labor Day weekend. That is when the streets come alive again with the cars that were built here years ago...the Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs! The whole weekend is filled with activity starting with a Cruise-in on Friday night. All kinds of cars are parked around the courthouse square and people from all over walk around looking at the those cars. There is also music and ice cream! Then on Saturday afternoon the classic cars travel the streets of the city. That's where we were today.
Chairs in the back of the truck!
It started early this morning when we drove our truck to a street corner and parked it close to the intersection. We then took off for our 5-mile run of the day and made it back home. Later, we stopped at Subway and grabbed a couple sandwiches and went to our truck. We sat up the chairs and were ready for the action.
Auburn Community band members
As we were eating and waiting for the parade, the Auburn Community band had a few of the members walk through the parade route and entertain. It made the hot wait more enjoyable.
ACD Club members from around the world drive their magnificent classic cars through Auburn streets. After the parade the cars are parked around the Courthouse Square. We sat in the truck bed and watched as these cars slowly made their way by us.
This is a highlight of the weekend for us. Sunday brings the annual arts and crafts show to downtown Auburn. This will be the 35th year and it just keeps getting bigger and better. One of the most important things of the weekend is the Auctions America Auburn Fall Collector weekend. It takes place at the Auburn Auction Park Thursday - Sunday. Cars of all kinds are on the auction block. This year they have added lots of entertainment, celebrities, and things for the kids.

If you have never been to Auburn for Labor Day, you might want to put that on your bucket list of things to do! Come on over and get a close-up view of the cars and chat with the owners!  Celebrate Auburn! 


  1. Such an exciting weekend! I love the pics of the cars that you shared with us. And an arts and crafts show on Sunday. Do enlighten me, where is Auburn?

    1. Auburn, Indiana
      Northeastern part of the star. Close to MI and Ohio

  2. One of my favorite Hamilton memories is of your car auction in your classroom...always so much fun!

    1. Mine, too! Wonder if any of those kiddos remember!?

    2. Mine, too. Wonder if any of those kiddos remember!?