Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Sleep-over at Gramma and Grandpa's House

Last week we had our first sleep over with Graham and Kaelyn. It was so much fun doing things with them on Thursday night and all day on Friday.
On Thursday night they had a fun time taking a bath. There was body soap of various colors. And there was bath tub toys.  We couldn't forget the bubble bath, so there was lots of bubbles!

The next morning they helped Gramma water all of her flowers. Graham even carried one of the sprinkling cans. They each got to pick one of the blooms on the petunias.
Next, it was time to feed the birds. We went to the garage and got a scoop of bird food. Gramma filled the high feeders and Graham filled the low one.  After we went back inside the birds came to eat and we watched them.

Of course, we had to have reading time. Each of them picked a book to read alone and then we all gathered on Great Grandma's rocker and Gramma read to them.
Saturday was Kaelyn's second birthday. Grandma Penny came with them and we swam and had ice cream birthday cake. What a fun weekend for kids and grand parents!

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