Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Party Time

 On Sunday we had the combined parties for three of the grand kids. Kiann: 16, Graham 4 and Kaelyn 2.  The party was at a local splash pad.  It was beside a river, but we stayed at the splash pad where there was also  rocks with running water; and a play area. That along with our special picnic area made it the perfect place for a party. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a good time!There were several different kinds of cupcakes. Each of the birthday kids got a cupcake with their age number on it. What fun!

Graham, Kaelyn and Kiann each got their own cupcake
After everyone sing "Happy Birthday" they got cupcakes, too.  The chocolate and vamilla cupcakes were great!

Kaelyn  with frosting all over!

After the eating, it was time to play. It was fun to watch the kids in the rock area as they made their way around the VERY cold water.

Audrey walking the rocks around the water.
All the grown ups were afraid the kids would slip and fall.  It never bothered the kids at all. What a great time!

Mallory walking in the rock water
 For awhile the girls decided they would gather the smaller rocks and make a collection.
Audrey with a large rock for the collection!
 After the party, Graham told his mom, "This was the best park ever!"  Hopefully, we will be having more parties at this terrific spot!

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  1. What a fun time for all! Temperature of water never seems to bother kids. Cute photos!