Friday, May 9, 2014

Graham's End of the Year Program

Today is my grandmother's birthday. In honor of her 120th birthday, I am writing about Graham's end of the year celebration we went to this week. My grandmother was a wonderful role model for being a grandmother. I hope I can be just like her. I still miss her every day!
We watched as Graham and his class sang songs, used wave sticks in songs and received their certificates. This is his first time in preschool and he loved it!
They not only sang songs with their own class, but with the entire preschool. Graham had six kids in his class and only one was a girl. Of course, he thought she was his girlfriend!
We are so blessed to have all of our grandchildren close to us. We are so glad we got to attend this special day with Graham and his family.
We are so proud of Graham and so happy that he loves school and enjoys learning. We look forward to many more graduations and celebrations with him!  Way to go, Graham! We love you bunches!

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