Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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For my Saturday Celebration today, I want to celebrate the birthday of my grandmother. Even though she has been gone for fifty years, the impact of her life lives on and on and on.. For the first four years of my life, my mom and I lived with her and grandpa. She was my full time babysitter 
I still remember the times she would tell us we could not go to the park behind her house because we would get dirty. Actually, the whole park was one big dirt pile with various pieces of equipment scattered around. We ALWAYS came home dirty!
She made the best hamburgers. When she would ask all  of us grand kids what we wanted for lunch, we would always shout: "Hamburgers!"  She told the best "Joanie" stories.  My oldest girl cousin just seemed to always be doing something funny and Grandma would remember, telling the story with details! She taught my first Sunday School class and all the kids in the class called her Grandma, too. 
Now that I am a grandmother myself, my goal is to try to be as good a grandmother as she was. I love you so much still today, Grandma.  Happy Birthday!

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  1. People in that generation were great storytellers, weren't they? What a nice story about your grandmother. Happy mother's day to you!