Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: It's All About Memories

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Our memories are all we have at the end of the day. Our slices of life are made up of three parts: Anticipation, Event, Memory. We look forward to a happening. The event actually happens. We then have our memory. The anticipation is short lived. We plan for it, prepare for it and maybe even worry about it. The event also seems short. We have waited and waited for it to happen, but the time goes way too fast and it is over. But we have the memory for a long, long time! That's why I believe in taking pictures and writing!

Today I was living the event. I anticipated it for several days. We did a lot of planning yesterday. We did our prep work and did the research to be ready. There were no worries. Now we are left with the memories.
We got up early enough to catch the trolley and headed to Sea World just up the street. It was an amazing day! I had my camera out snapping pictures as I experienced this wonderful event.  We were able to fit in four shows, plus a lunch watching sharks swim in a huge aquarium right in front of us as we ate. We watched sea turtles and stingrays eat breakfast. Now comes the memory-writing to save the day.
As we sat and ordered our meal, we were distracted by watching the sharks. Our waiter, DJ, was fabulous. When we told him how much we enjoyed him, he said, "I love my job!"
We went to the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit and saw up close these adorable penguins above and below the water. However, I think my favorite show was One Ocean featuring Shamu. It inspired everyone in attendance. We also saw Blue Horizons, a dolphin theatrical performance. Then there was the Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island. We enjoyed the sea lions, but also the antics of the three human characters in the show. 
When we first got into the park, I saw this sign. I had to take a picture of it. The teacher in me came out. Where is my red pen?  Also, while in line to get reservations for our lunch, the cashiers would call the next person in line to come up to get help. We were at the end of a relatively short line. One of the cashiers was ready for the next person to help, but the man who should come next was not paying attention. He was talking and talking and talking!  I could take it no longer. I leaned out of line and shouted at the man: "Sir!  Go!" and pointed to the cashier. A girl in front of us turned and said, "Thank you!"  I said, "Sure, I'm a teacher!"


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  1. What a day you had! Isn't it funny that the take charge of the situation never leaves a teacher. Anticipate, event, memory, they are the cycle of our life. Sometimes the anticipation becomes more enjoyable than the event for me.