Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Clelbration: The Dave-Sitters

 One of the best parts of being retired is being able to travel whenever we want. We received an invitation from a major hotel group inviting us to spend five days and four nights in a resort in Florida.  It was at a much cheaper rate. We decided to check it out. Yes, the price was correct. So we made reservations for later in the spring.

The time for that trip is getting closer. We have lots of things to do to plan and get ready. One of the main things we do is contact our Dave-Sitter to see if she is available. Molly has been coming to our house and watching over Dave since he was just a puppy. Dave now is almost excited to see us go so he can have some Molly time!
The last time we went away, Molly took him for a ride to the Farm Store in town. He isn't a big fan of riding, so that was not fun for him.  But going to the store was a real treat. He loves people and isn't afraid of new places. To top it off, he got to pick out his own toy to bring home!  He loves that toy! He loves Molly.

Many times, Molly brings her niece with her. Jayden is eight years old and she is a big help with Dave. I think Dave feels that Jayden is his personal playmate! They do all kinds of things. She plays games with him, cuddles with him and even sleeps with him. I think Dave is ready to celebrate just thinking about having Molly and Jayden spent some time with him!

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  1. How lucky you are to have Dave-sitters! They are truly a reason to celebrate!