Friday, October 10, 2014

Celebration Saturday: October Story Time

For today's celebration, I want to focus on Story Time at our local library. Every Friday from 10:15-11:00 I go to watch my grandchildren enjoy time at one of my very favorite spots in out town...the library!  Today after hearing several stories, matching shapes, and playing Ring-Around-the-Pumpkin, it was time for crafts!  The children made pumpkins, well, at least they made mosaic pumpkins. Here's what it looked like!

Graham started by tearing pieces of paper and then putting glue on the paper pumpkin! He loved the glue part!  The orange part  of the pumpkin came first.
Next came the brown paper...tearing then gluing.  He tried to fill in all the spaces.

The finished product was pretty good. Making funny faces for Grandma to take pictures was fun, too!
The library even took a picture for their Facebook page of Graham and a friend. How could I not celebrate my grandson learning to love books and creating something beautiful?

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