Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Slice of Life: Historical Vacation

Last week we had the chance to take a trip to Boca Raton, Florida. My husband had a conference there for his work and I got to ride along. While he was in meetings and sessions every morning, I was on my own.  I did a lot of exploring around the area. Since we stayed at a resort, I spent one day walking this historical spot.
Boca Raton Resort and Club was originally built in 1929. In fact someone told me that the town was actually built around this resort. The grounds were beautiful with statues and fountains. They had made a tour of various spots of interest with stopping spots to read information about that location. Children could pick up a wrist band at the spot and each band was a different color, so they would know how many they had visited.
This is not the lobby we walked into when we came, but it is the original lobby. You can see the original chandelier hanging from the ceiling which was made of the original wood. Notice the balcony. going south on that hall would be where our room was located.
This is a picture of a powder room right off the lobby. It has been restored to look like the original.  Again, the ceiling had the same wood that was there in 1929. Looking at these pictures, I think you can get an idea of how much fun I had exploring this beautiful location.

This is a view from a walkway that shows our room with a patio across the beautiful garden. I always love views of the ocean when I travel to Florida, but this garden was very peaceful and beautiful with the flowers and fountains.
Yes, I did get to visit the ocean. Every afternoon when my husband got out of the meetings and sessions, we headed to the ocean. They had a shuttle that took us there, but we did walk the mile to the Boca Beach Club where we could use the beach for the whole afternoon.  What a wonderful vacation!

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  1. Nice spot! Loved the tour...and feeling a bit envious, too!