Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: It's Halloween Again

Halloween is such a fun holiday. It takes imagination to come up with costumes and even decorate the house! We started a tradition a few years ago and we just keep adding to it. We are so lucky to have our grand kids close to us, so we travel from house to house to see their costumes, take pictures and deliver goody bags! The pictures turn into photo books to keep as memories of the years. It is a great way to see how much they grow and change! Here's a peek of our memories over the last couple years!
Audrey and Mallory are Strawberry Shortcake and a Strawberry

Audrey as Snow White and Mallory as a dwarf
Audrey and Mallory always dress as a "couple". It is fun to see what they are going to be each year.
This was Kaelyn's first Halloween. Graham was a pumpkin

Last year Kaelyn was a flower and Graham was a doctor
Graham wanted to be a doctor after he got this outfit for his birthday. He said, "I'm Dr. Garman!"
Meron as a witch, Shelby as a clown and Bam is a pumpkin

Shelby was Thing 1, Meron was a cheerleader, Bam as Mr. T and Lane as himself
The creativity in costumes is amazing. It is interesting to see how the older kids start fading away and just want to pass out the candy. Still we love seeing them and they don't refuse the goody bags we bring them!

This year we are going to dress up as we visit them! Can't wait to see their faces!
What are your Halloween memories? 


  1. I loved looking at your photos - all of the costumes were so well done! My girls are going to be Dorothy and the Wicked Witch this year! I love Halloween, too. Thanks for sharing your grandkids with us!

  2. You are very lucky all your kids live close. I see my boys all the time, but the little girls are so far away in Phoenix. Anyway, we decorate, of course. I always have a late supper after Trick-or-Treating at my house for any or all who can come. It is lots of fun too. My personal traditions??? Telling ghost stories for an entire month. I also host Poe Night at Trine now. This is my third year! Whew. October is my favorite month. I am glad to see you do it in style, my friend. Happy Hauntings.