Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Fall is Here

 The signs of fall in northern Indiana are at their peek right now. The neighborhood has turned into a blaze of color! When we visited Florida a few weeks ago, one of the people we talked to was going on and on about what the Midwest was like in the fall.  Today, I want to share some of what I see every day along with a special playdate with my four-year-old grandson.
When I look north from my front porch, I see the beautiful autumn trees in my neighbor's yard. How could I not snap a picture of that?
We always take a trip to a local farm to get pumpkins and corn stalks to add to our front yard. This is our way of saying Welcome Fall!
Every year I also snap a picture of Dave, our golden retriever with the fall decorations. He just seems to fit in with his golden coat.
Last week I had a playdate with Bam, our grandson. One of the things we did was take a Nature Walk in the neighborhood. He has his bag to collect things that are special. I think it was full of the beautiful leaves. We also got to watch workers as they were busy with building a new house.

Of course, no playdate with Grandma would be complete without making cookies. We played games while they baked, took a Nature Walk while they cooled and then got to frost them and add the sprinkles. We love fall!!! What are you doing to create memories?



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  1. Fall is a glorious season, full of color, scents, activities no other season can replicate. You are so lucky to have grandchildren near you for play dates.