Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Parties For Meron and Bam

This weekend we celebrated two of our grandchildren's birthdays. This month Bamlaku turns three and Meron turns five. They were so excited to celebrate their special days. Meron was wearing a traditional dress from her native birth home of Ethiopia. Even though Bam had an outfit to wear, too, he did not fit into it this year!
After a great supper, we got to watch them open their gifts. They loved everything they got. They would shout out: "Thank you!" Then run over and give hugs. Their mom also took a picture of the kids with those who gave the gift! They were just excited kiddos!

Then came the cakes. We watched them blow out their candles after singing to them. Then we all got to eat cake and ice cream.  What a great way to celebrate the lives of these wonderful children!

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