Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Picture Walk

As I walk around my yard and neighborhood on spring days, I have a camera around my neck.  My walk consists of looking at things with, not just writer's eyes, but with an artist's eyes. I see things in a new way. I try to look at things closer than I have before. Last night as I was looking through the eye of the camera, my neighbor across the street came home from work.  His children had been outside playing. When they saw him drive up, they came running. It was so neat to see them run and hug him. It was so great that I could capture it with my camera.

Coming home

As I walk with the camera in the early mornings, I can pass along almost unseen. It is like I don't become me anymore, I am now the lens of the camera. As the buds form on the trees and the new flowers push up from the ground, the camera snaps and they are saved. Here are a few more shots of spring from my camera.

What's important?

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