Monday, April 15, 2013

Walking With Dave the Dog

One of my favorite things about being retired is to walk with Dave. Dave is my three-year-old golden retriever.  We usually walk around our addition on a two-mile route that takes us past lots of Dave's friends. The friends are not just other dogs, but also children and even dog-loving adults. This is a great way to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

We also like to walk in other neighborhoods or locations. This spring we took Dave to walk on a new pathway for us. It was on the other side of our small, northern Indiana town. The trail led us past woods, ball parks and churches. We saw many others walking on that cool spring day and even a few bikers. Dave loved the new smells that a new trail will bring.
We do many of our walks with my husband, too. The three of us get up early in the morning...5:00, and head out. This is a wonderful time to just have the road to ourselves. Dave can explore without any interruptions from people. The quiet of the new day gives us a chance to talk over our plans for the day or regroup on what we did the past weekend. Dave loves having both of us walk with him.
No matter what Dave and I do, we love being together. Taking walks in all kinds of weather gives us a special bond. His favorite time of year is winter, when the snow is piled high and he can make his doggy angels. Or he can tunnel through the snow with his nose to the ground. My favorite is the fall, when the leaves are changing and the air has a special crispness to it. We just like to spend the days enjoying each other. That is what retirement brings!

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