Saturday, April 27, 2013

Graham Graduates

After a whole school year of going to Story Time, Graham graduated last Wednesday. It was a big day for the whole class.
First, they listened to stories, did action rhymes and had Bubble Time. It was like a normal day at Story Time.
Then came the announcement of diplomas.  Everyone got their name read and went to Miss Amanda to get their diploma! The first graduation!
The whole class got their picture taken with Miss Amanda. All except Brandon who was rolling on the floor. This was not a good day for Brandon!
Then came Snack Time. Everyone brought their favorite snack and a recipe for them. Later they will get a book with all these recipes in it.
Graham even got a gift from Miss Amanda.  It was his own bottle of bubbles. Now he can have Bubble Time any time he wants! What a great gift and what a great teacher!
Congratulations, Graham!

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