Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy Thursdays

This morning brings clouds, but promises of the rain stopping, even though the air will be much cooler. The 80 degree weather of the first part of the week is a weak memory. Last night brought thunder storms and high winds, all things that Dave does not like at all.  He spent the night trying to cuddle between us and with a dog that weighs 100 pounds, that is not the best experience for sleeping!  Since it is a rather rainy, cloudy day, Vivaldi will be on my CD player both at home and in the car. This is another way I can spend my retirement days...teaching my granddaughter about classical music.
Using magnetic letters to write her name
The trip to and from Fort Wayne from my home twenty minutes away, is a time that the two of us to have great conversations.  I have started using the trip from her house to mine as a time to listen to Gramma's music. I have introduced her to jazz by playing Joe Sample's CDs. She knows that jazz uses a lot of piano and drums. She likes the ones with upbeat music. I have also introduced her to gospel by playing from the CD by Alvin Ailey. She really likes the music that has a strong beat. Today will be a chance to introduce her to Vivaldi. That is the music of rainy days. I am hoping that she will always know that on rainy days  we listen to that kind of classical music.
Snack time during preschool.
Yes, she always asks for "her" music on the way back to her house and I put on the Disney channel on my Sirius radio. We talk about the singers and what the songs are about. She tells me who her favorite singers are and why she likes them. We sing along with the ones that I know. It is a fun, happy way to end our day. But still, I have a chance to introduce her to some other types of music that she may never have understood otherwise.

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