Monday, April 22, 2013

Traveling to Detroit

On Saturday we got up earlier than we usually do on a weekend. We had a destination! It was to travel to Detroit with my aunt to celebrate her 85th birthday.  The thing is, she didn't know about the party. That was a surprise.
We had planned on visiting our cousins in Detroit all winter. The first time we started out in March and got half way there. Then we hit a Michigan snowstorm and had to turn around and come home. My aunt couldn't go that time since she had a terrible cold. That cold turned into pneumonia and she spent several days in the hospital. So, we promised to take her as soon as the weather got better. However, waking up on Saturday morning, we found a light covering of snow on the deck. We went anyway!
My aunt's birthday is the first of April, so all the Detroit cousins decided they needed to have a party for her. They had a delicious meal and then the CAKE! WOW! It was something else. Not only a beautiful cake, but it tasted great, too.  Then the tulip on the top, when lit, had fireworks come out of it, played "Happy Birthday", and turned as the pedals came down to display lit candles.
After opening cards and gifts and eating cake and ice cream, we spent time talking to all the cousins. It was great seeing everyone and getting caught up. As we left, my aunt said, "Let's do that again!"  We promised to take her with us again and make another trip north to Detroit!

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