Friday, April 19, 2013

What is Your Passion?

Ever since I was very young, I was a Detroit Tiger's baseball fan. My aunt and uncle lived in Detroit and my mother lived with them for many years before I was born. it was just sort of a family tradition to become a Tiger's fan. Even though I followed the team as a teenager, I never went to a game. I listened to them on the radio and I watched them on t.v., but never in person.  Then when I became an adult, life got in the way of making the two hour drive to see a game. Other things like a job and family of my own were more important. I even stopped watching and listening to games.
When I realized I was free to go to a game because I no longer had to report to a job every day, we made plans and we took off for our day at the park!  My former colleages were in classrooms and meetings doing what they do best. I was in Tiger stadium watching a game!
For all my friends who are counting down the days until being retired, start making plans.  Think about what you loved as a child.  Think about what you wish you had more time to do. Think about what you do, but have to cut it short or do it just when you have "extra" time. Those are the things that you NOW will have time to do. Start making your list!

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