Friday, May 3, 2013

Off Again To New Destinations

Today we are taking off for another fun weekend. This time we are headed to the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia. We have an added incentive for going to this beautiful city: visiting Andy, our youngest son.  He moved to Philly last summer and we have not gotten to visit there yet. No better time than in the spring.

Our bags are packed. The atlas is in the car. Molly is set to stay with Dave the Dog. We are excited. We have a day of traveling through beautiful Ohio and Pennsylvania then we hit Philly this evening. We have studied the travel book to find the best places to eat and shop. We are staying in Old Town, so we know we will have lots of walking to do.
We will also spend lots of time with Andy. He has even promised to fix us a meal while we are there. He is our chef son! Can't wait to explore this new territory with an expert who has lived there for a year!

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