Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pokagon State Park + Friend = Enjoyment

Today was one of the those days in northern Indiana where the weather can't make up its mind.  It started out windy, but warm. Then it went to cloudy. It actually even got up to almost 80 degrees and the sun peeked out.  However, later in the afternoon it rained and rained hard! Still, today was the day I was scheduled to meet a friend at the lovely Indiana State Park: Pokagon.
Our thinking was that we could have lunch in the wonderful Potawatomi Inn's restaurant. We planned to eat a light lunch and then have more time to just wander the inn and find a cozy nook to sit and talk. 
We met at 11:00 and had the buffet of soup and salad. It was terrific! We then took off to explore the rest of the lodge. The views of the lake and quiet gardens just invited you to go outside and enjoy the scenes. We did not do this, but if the weather had been less windy, we probably would.
The view of Lake James was quiet and peaceful on this May day. The usual boat traffic of the summer had not started yet. Seeing the sailboat was just an example of how peaceful the lake really was.
We found the gift shop and spent some time looking over the Pokagon t-shirts and other souvenirs. I was tempted to buy a peach t-shirt, but I resisted. We then roamed the hotel lobby where there was a front desk to greet visitors. We also saw another greeter at the front door. This is one that kids would just love!
Eventually, we found a comfy place to settle down and talk. We shared stories and pictures. After about 43 years of friendship, we still have so much to talk about and share. These visits are just priceless to both of us. We are already planning our next adventure!

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