Friday, May 24, 2013

Graduation From Gramma Preschool

After a school year of attending Gramma Preschool, Meron graduated! We had such a wonderful time celebrating her graduation. She planned it and set the rules for what would happen on her special day.  She decided that she only wanted girls to come to the graduation. That meant that her little brother could not attend. So Dad stayed home with him and had "Man Time", as Meron would say!
We had an agenda or program of how our day would go. Mom came with her and we showed her  how we would do calendar and the schedule. Then we did Reading, Math, Science and Writing. For reading she read a couple of her favorite books and worked on magnetic letters. Math time was counting to 100 on the counting sheet and also by 10's. We also played a thinking game of match. For science she showed her mom the Science Notebook she had made all year and then got to take it home. Last came writing. She wrote a thank you card for her mom, thanking her for coming to the graduation.
Then it was time for the graduation! She got her diploma, a card, flowers and a CD with all the music we had listened to this year. Yes, even Vivaldi for those rainy days!
Now it was time for the big luncheon at the café!  We went to the Busy Brush Café in town. The building is an old church with the attached part painted with bright colors. The inside had dining, but also lots of other things to look at and perhaps buy. Meron had told us this was a dress-up affair, so we had on our sun dresses, even though it was cool!
What a wonderful day of memories we had that day. Next year as Meron takes off for full day kindergarten she will remember all the things she learned at Gramma Preschool and be a star student!
Congratulations, Meron!

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