Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Paper Boy/Dog

Several years ago we had a neighbor who taught his dog, Apache, to bring in the mail or paper for him.  He would take Apache out to go to the bathroom, walk over to the mailbox and get the mail. He would then reach down and give the dog the letters. He would say, "Take it home!" Apache would then carry the mail in his mouth across the road and up the driveway.  I always thought that was so cool.
When we got our new puppy, Dave, three years ago, I wanted him to be like Apache. As a young pup, I would take Dave with me to get the paper. Since he is a golden retriever, he loves to have things in his mouth. I would give him the paper to carry home. Most of the time he would just carry it a little ways and drop it because something else had caught his attention.
Over the years he got better and better. In fact, he gets upset if we don't give him something to carry home. He loves it so much, he brings home other papers from around the neighborhood. Usually, it is just papers that people don't want and have left in their driveway day after day. I figure he is helping to keep the neighborhood clean. Once in awhile though, he will bring home someone's  daily paper. When he does that, I have to make the run back to where he got the paper and drop it on their driveway. He is a dog, after all.
So, if you are in our area and see a large golden carrying a paper, you can be sure it is Dave, the new paper boy/dog!

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