Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Today is the day set aside to honor our mothers. I am so blessed to have had a wonderful mother who taught me so much about life. She was always there to give advice and support me in whatever I did. Sometimes, I am sure, I gave her a hard time and didn't make being a mother an easy job. Still, I hope she always knew how much I loved her and appreciated everything she did for me. I love you, Mom!
I was also blessed to have had the best grandmother ever! She was a "kid's grandma". I remember her making taffy in the kitchen and letting all of the grandkids have a chance to pull it...even if it was the messiest job ever. I remember playing tricks on her like changing her the channel on t.v. when she went to the kitchen to check on dinner. I remember her stories about our parents and cousins. We would beg for those stories! Most of all, I remember how she always loved us and would spend so much time with us. I love you, Grandma!
I am also blessed to be a mother. I have the most wonderful son that any mother could ask for. He has become such a good dad and husband. I am so proud of him!  I cherish every minute I get to spend with him now that he is a busy, grown man. He is caring and loving. I especially love to watch him as he cares for his own children. I love you, Todd!
I am so blessed to have twelve wonderful grandchildren that call me Grandma Kathy. What a great bunch of kids!  They are so well mannered, kind and just fun to be around. Being a grandma is the best thing ever! I love you, Ty, Lane, Kiann, Shelby, Emma, Adrian, Meron, Audrey, Bam, Graham, Mallory and Kaelyn!

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