Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love!

We had the most amazing weekend in Philadelphia. We drove across Ohio and PA. to get to there. On the way we drove through Pittsburgh and stopped by the sight of the Flight 93 crash. Our hotel was in the middle of Old Town and close to all the great historical spots. The biggest problem was how to get to see everything in just two days!  We did it.  Over the next few days, I will be sharing some of our sights. Today's blog will just be some high spots and how I reacted to each sight.
Independence Hall
Our first stop was to get up early on Saturday morning and grab free tickets to see Independence Hall. We went into the court yard and then had a tour of the building with a wonderful tour guide. I learned so much and was reminded of things that I had forgotten, but most important it was awesome to be in the rooms that these great men walked.
Court Yard before we entered the tour
Right across the road is a building housing the Liberty Bell.  Again, we were able to stand in line and enter the building as we took our own tour. At the end of the tour was the bell. We could stand there and take pictures and read the information about its history.
With the Liberty Bell
The city was laid out by William Penn and he had designed five squares which are parks around the city. We made it to three of the parks. Our favorite was the LOVE park where the sign that has become Philadelphia's logo. We loved taking pictures there and then helping others by taking their picture for them, too.  It really is the city of brotherly love.
The U.S. Mint was in the block right next to our hotel. We went there early on Saturday morning, hoping we could take the tour of that building. However, it was not open on the weekend at this time of year. We still spent time taking pictures and reading the informational signs.
As you can tell, we had a wonderful time in the city. We got to spend time with Andy, even though he had to spend many of the time working. He took us on scenic drives throughout the city. We got to see his apartment, place of work and Melay's salon, too. We also had great food while we were there. We ate cheesesteak, crab cakes, bison tacos, and of course ice cream!
We loved the trip, even if it was very short. I would recommend spending many more days than just two, at this historical city. We walked and walked and walked. Oh, well, that way we could eat and not feel guilty!

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