Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Club: What Are You Reading?

Last night I packed a book bag with several books and calendar and headed across town to my monthly book club meeting.  We meet once a month at the local Cebollas. We have our favorite booth and the staff even recognizes us now!

There were four of us at our meeting last night. We settled into the booth and ordered our favorite food...chicken burrito for me! Connie tried something new: the ceaser salad. It looked delicious! With drinks delivered, we got down to business.

The first thing we always do is catch up. Julia is getting ready to retire, so we had to see how she was doing with that big step in her life. Sandie had been busy all day with breakfast and lunch with various friends. Yes, retirement is hard work! Connie caught us up on the graduation her preschool class had last week. Besides being book club buddies, we are also very close friends!
The book we read this month was The Bone Garden by Tess Garritsen. This book is a real page turner! We all gave it a thumbs up! The main character, Julia Hamil, buys a house in the country and digs up a skull buried in the rocky soil she is turning into a garden. It is a human, female skull. Julia wants to solve the murder of long ago.  Now flip to Boston, 1830. Norris Marshall is studying to be a doctor, but works as a grave digger who vests bodies to sell on the black market. He then becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders. His fellow student, Oliver Wendell Holmes, tries to prove his innocence. This mystery reaches across centuries to the present day world of Julia Hamil!  Facinating!
We discussed, questioned, visualized and connected. We even went back into the text and referenced places we had questions about. Or we looked back to prove our point in the story. It was a great discussion!
Next came the time to pick a new book and date for our next meeting.  Fortunately, Connie had done some research and had a couple books for us to choose from.  Julia and Sandie got on their smart phones and read blurbs about each one. We finally decided on The Other Typist  by Suzanne Rindell. We picked a date between family vacations. We now have our first summer read!
Our book club is a highlight of the month for me. As we paid our bill, gathered our books and calendars, and made our way out of the restaurant, we said good bye to the wait staff and walked out to the parking lot. We told Julia to have a great last few days of school. We chatted with our last bits of conversation and took off with feelings of having a great evening with wonderful friends.
Did I say, I love my book club?

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