Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slice of Life Tuesday: Signs of Spring

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 The day is sunny and just perfect for a walk with Dave, my golden retriever. As we walk I can't help but notice little signs of spring.  I began noticing the tulips are peeking their heads up from the ground. There a bunches of them in my flower bed under the living room windows. There are a few in the side yard, too.  They really aren't supposed to be there. When we dug up the yard last summer, we thought we got all the bulbs. I replanted them in the flower bed. I certainly wasn't going to throw them away!  But they had a surprise for me. There they are in odd places. Places where the bulbs hid until the sun was warm enough for them to peek out. Now I love them where they are. It is like a surprise party every time I look at them.

Last night it rained and rained. I suppose that is a sign of spring, too. "April showers bring May flowers." So even though Dave was not happy about the little bits of thunder or the rain beating down on the bedroom windows, it did tell us spring was coming.

I took the last of the dead leaves off of the day lilies in front by the sidewalk. Under those leaves were little green shoots pushing their way up. I just wanted to get in there and dig around them to help them out.  However, I knew I would probably do  more damage than help. I must take a hint from nature...every thing in its time...have patience.

I did try to help spring come though. Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some artificial tulips, pussy willows and snapdragons. I just had to change the pots on the front porch. The evergreen boughs just had to go. They had lasted through many snow storms and shoveling around them, but it was time!  I replaced them with these "fake" flowers until I can get the real thing.
So, for now...this is my touch of spring.  Fake it until you make it!!!!


  1. Oh yes, the signs are there, I too, wish it would hurry up. I love your line about seeing bulbs is like a surprise party. How true!

  2. Yes, signs of Spring are all around. Our pussy willow is in full bloom. The daffodils are poking up out of the ground as are the hyacinths. The forsythia can't be far behind. I am so ready.