Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday With Dave

We have started a tradition for every Good Friday. It all started many years ago with our golden retriever, Murphy.  We would take him to Pokagon Park for a morning of walking the trails. He loved to go near the water as we got close to Lake James. We would usually let him run free since there weren't many people around. However, as soon as we would see someone coming we would call him and get him on his leash.

Now we have Dave, another golden retriever. We went to Pokagon with him one year, but lately the weather has not been good enough to travel the half hour to get there and then try to walk the trails. So, last year we took Dave to Reike Park's Walkway. It is paved and easier to walk, not to mention closer!
Today we waited until in the afternoon to make our trip. The weather was looking sunny and it was warmer. We loaded him into the car with his leash, treats, and poop bags!  He is not a fan of the ride over, but he is getting used to it.  We walked from one end to the other...about a three mile walk.
He would be off leash and run ahead of us or stop and sniff. He never gets out of our sight or should I say we never get out of his sight. He is a "pack dog" and wants to be with his pack!

We had a great time and so did Dave. He is spending the rest of the day taking naps. Walking in new territory and smelling new smells seems to wear him out!
Happy Easter!

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