Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Vera and Friendshop

This week I am celebrating   FRIENDSHIP. 

My week consisted spending time with close friends on two different days.  Both of these women have been part of my life's journey for many years.  The time together has always been special, but as I think about celebrating important things in my life, these two friendships are at the top of my list.

On Tuesday, I got to spend part of my day with Alecia. I have known her as a student, mentored teacher, co-teacher, and friend. We have grown together professionally and personally. She is always there to listen to my celebrations and heartaches.  We consult each other professionally and ask for advise personally. She is much younger, but our values and outlook on life is very similar.

This day we just got to catch up. She was on Spring Break and when she asked me if I wanted to get together one day, I said, "Of course!"  We had a great time looking at pictures, talking about school, family and friends we had in common. We went out to eat at a local restaurant and we sat and talked long after the salad and bread sticks were gone. I am certainly celebrating our friendship today!
My second celebration of friendship is with my best friend.  We try to get together once a month since we are now both retired. We have been friends since we started teaching...first across the hall from each other, then next door to each other and then her in the room right above me. I was in her wedding and she was the friend who stood up with me at my second wedding. She has helped me through parenting years and now grand parenting years. We have had many adventures together.

Today we went to our second Vera Bradley sale together. We went last year and decided we wanted to do it again. This one was a little different since we had to stand in line to get in to something we already had special tickets for. That didn't stop us. We made it into the sale, browsed the aisles, bought things we thought we needed, and checked out before they kicked us out!

We then headed to a restaurant to sit and talk and look at pictures! What a special day it was. I am so thankful to be able to celebrate this friendship of over 40 years!  I look forward to seeing what adventures we have ahead of us!


  1. Best friends are one of the greatest parts of life. I'm glad you got to enjoy them this week!

  2. So wonderful to have great friendships. I love the Vera Bradley bags you picked up. That sounds like a nice day together.

  3. Friends through tough times and fun times are the best. What a great celebration of your friendships!

  4. I have the same connection with a younger teacher also. Friends are a great celebration!