Sunday, April 6, 2014

Memories: Las Vegas and CMA Awards

We are sitting here watching the CMA Awards. We are making comments about songs, singers and outfits. We are enjoying the show. But most of all we are reminiscing about when we were right there in Las Vegas a year ago.
We had eaten supper and walked on down to the MGM Grand.  We walked inside and just kept looking for famous singers. We really had no idea where we were going. Finally, we found the entrance to the auditorium.  We stood outside the doors along with many other onlookers.  It was exciting watching all those people in fancy dresses walk past us. We kept watching for famous singers.

Once, someone in a suit came up to us and wanted to know if we wanted some cheap tickets.  We looked at each other.  Did we?  Well, we weren't exactly dressed for a big show. We said no. We continued to watch and wait. The lines of people going through the big doors was slowing down. 

We moved across to the other side of the hallway. There was an ice cream place and we found an outside table and ordered a couple bowls.  We were still watching knowing that by now there would be no famous people. The guy in the suit came by again and said he had the tickets for a really good price now. Did we want to go in and be part of all this?  We decided sitting WAY up in the top of the bleachers didn't sound that great.  So we said no.

Later, due to having to wait until the show was over for it to be on television, we watched the actual show from our room.  "Just think," we said, "we could have been right there." Well, we were, sort of.  This year we can laugh and think back to the fun we had that night when we almost saw a famous singer.

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