Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vacation Day 3: Gilbert, AZ

Every Tuesday the Two Writing Teachers blog hosts a Slice of Life. Since I got hooked on blogging and sharing last month with their challenge, I decided to continue on with the SOL Tuesdays. Check out more blogs on their blog site

My sister told me that one of her favorite cities was Gilbert, Arizona.  Today I had the chance to spend some time there. We first had to find out how to get there. We had a map in the car and drove until we found the little town.  It looked like an old cowboy town. We parked the car and went to find somewhere to eat.
We saw a very busy restaurant across the street from where we parked.  It was Postinos Wine CafĂ©.  Not something you would see in an old cowtown. It was full, but we found a table outside on the patio.  Our server was amazing. She was cheerful and helpful. We ordered our food...half a turkey Panini and salad for me.  It was wonderful and just the right amount of food. After we were done eating, we just had to walk up and down the street. I even took a picture of the town's water tower for my sister.
That evening we were trying to decide where to go for supper.  I also wanted to stop by a Barnes and Noble for a new book since I had finished mine by the pool this afternoon!  We headed back to Gilbert. This time we went to an outside mall. We had not eaten Mexican all week, so that is what we looked for.  We were not disappointed when we found Cantina Laredo, a modern Mexican restaurant. We again were seated outside. The food was wonderful.  I had a cheese enchilada with refried beans and Mexican rice.
After eating, we walked around the corner to the Barnes and Noble.  It had two levels and looked so clean and new.  I could have just curled up in a corner with one of their books for the night. We couldn't find the Michael Connelly books we wanted to buy so we asked a clerk. She told us the mysteries were up stairs.  When we got off the escalator, there was another clerk who simply said, "So you want the mysteries, What exactly are you looking for?"  We told her and she directed us to the fiction work where all of his books were located. We spent several minutes browsing and came up with one of  his we did not have along with a John Grisham book we never read.  I was a happy camper!
Now I see why my sister likes this town so much!


  1. What a fun adventure and I'm glad you are hooking on the Slicing life. :)

  2. Sounds like a really fun day! Perfect with food and books!

  3. Gilbert is on my list of places to visit when I get back to Phoenix. We have a Cantina Laredo in town too. Their food is yummy. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  4. Well, I just checked Google Maps to find out the exact location of Gilbert. Looks like we could swing by there next time we are in AZ. We go to NM every year...just might have to make a few days trip to AZ. Sounds like you had a great time there...and so glad you got a picture of the water tower for your sister.